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So I have this friend

Or rather, my boys have this friend. He goes to public school and is smack dab in the middle of my boys as far as age and grade. First day of school his mom calls me on the phone to ask “what does it take to homeschool?” I got a little excited lol. I explained that it’s not as complicated as the state regulations make it sound, we follow our own curriculum and pretty much do our own thing. Then she asked if I could homeschool her son. According to our state laws, no I can’t. She again asked what all it involves “Does the school send you books and stuff for them to use?” Noooo. At this point, I’m thinking If I wanted them to use the books they use in school and do exactly what they do in school I’d send them to school.

So I ask what brought on this sudden need to homeschool. Turns out her son was punched in the face on the way home from school. Not at school. Not on the bus. Walking home from school. And not even by a kid that goes to his school but by a kid who goes to one of the local christian schools. Once she found out I couldn’t homeschool him for her and the school wouldn’t provide books for him to do school at home, she wasn’t interested. I gave her some advice about calling the school bus garage (because this kid rides the same bus as her son even though he doesn’t go to the same school) and contact the boy’s parents.

Fast forward to today, two weeks into the school year. She calls again asking me to homeschool her son. Apparently he got punched by yet another kid on the way home from school. How can I explain to this woman that it’s not a school issue…it’s her neighborhood! Jeesh. If a kid can’t even walk home from the bus stop without being assaulted, it’s time to¬† move! I understand how frustrated she is. Bullying at school was one of the reasons we started homeschooling four years ago. But she readily admits she has no complaints with the actual school. Her son’s not having issues with kids he goes to school with. This second kid he got in a fight with doesn’t go to his middle school either, but the high school.

Had to vent…oy.


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First day of school

Field Trip #1

For public school it is, anyway. Not here though. This week we have two field trips instead. To we went to the local cider mill and picked out fresh apples, cider, and warm apple cider donuts. We also got to check out the apple press and the small water fall behind the mill. Thanks to all the rain this summer, the falls were really moving.

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A little intro

I homeschool my two boys, ages 13 (L) and 10 (M). I hope to use this blog to document our school year. This will be our 4th year homeschooling.

Our homeschool methods tend to be very eclectic. I tend to follow their interests and work around that for school. I don’t buy packaged curriculum for this reason. It just wouldn’t work for us.

This year I’d like to take more pictures and be just a little more organized. *Fingers crossed*

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