Happy Birthday M!

Happy Birthday M!

Today is M’s 10th birthday. Not only is it his 10th birthday – double digits – it’s his Golden Birthday. You know, the day when your age is the same number as your birthdate? I had to wait until I was 31 to have mine, little bugger gets double digits and Golden Birthday rolled into one.

M is obsessed with the game Angry Birds. He asked for Angry Birds themed birthday so I did a little researching on the web. I found that my child is not the only one who is obsessed with this game. There are Angry Bird games, balloon templates, cupcakes, pinatas, etc. Which was good because the only Angry Bird party stuff we found was stickers for the gift bags.

First I made the red Angry Bird pinata:

Angry Bird Pinata

I used a 9″ helium quality balloon. The cheap ones will pop, ask me how I know….

I did three layers of newspaper then the fourth layer I used white computer paper to make it easier to paint over. Then I drew the face on with a sharpie and painted the rest with Crayola paints.

We filled the pinata through the top. It seemed easier than cutting a hole in the back and taping it up, since there was already a hole from taking out the deflated balloon. Also, since the party wasn’t going to be at my house I added a huge bag of confetti. WHAT a mess that made 🙂

M also wanted Angry Bird cupcakes. Cupcakes rather than whole cakes are big in our family this year. Every birthday party we’ve gone to this summer has had cupcakes. I copied this tutorial. M had to help too…


It was a successful Angry Birds birthday!


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